About Quinta dos Grifos

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Quinta dos Grifos is an estate with an area of ​​over one and a half hectares, located in central Portugal (Região Centro), 800 meters east of the village of Pedrógão de São Pedro, 10 kilometers south of Penamacor, 17 kilometers west of Monsanto, and 45 kilometers north of Castelo Branco.

From the spring of 2023 you will have the opportunity to stay in our old granite house, which has been restored into a guest house (Casa dos Seis Filhos), with a magnificent view over the natural swimming pool, our ancient olive grove and the valley towards Monsanto.

Quinta dos Grifos is named after the griffon vulture, the abutre-fouveiro, which is also known popularly in Portugal under the name grifo.

The Grifo is found in the mountains of southern Europe, southwest Asia and Africa. These vultures can be up to one meter long with a maximum wingspan of 2.7 meters and weigh between 6 and 12 kilos.
In Portugal grifos mainly live in the border areas. The main concentrations of grifos are located in the Parque Natural do Douro Internacional, the Parque Natural do Tejo Internacional and the Portas de Ródão. The last two parks are located just south of Quinta dos Grifos. There are also, more to the south, some groups of grifo in the Serra de São Mamede.

Grifo’s daily fly over Quinta dos Grifos.